The Holy Spirit is alive and well at Saint James

Our ministries are thriving and our facility has never looked better.

And we owe it all to you!

Financial contributions provide Light, Heat, and Insurance...

But in God’s hands they do so much more!

Your gifts to God become catalysts for ministry. They help us create a space where lives are changed, where people encounter the living God.


What happens in each of these areas?

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YOU are the key to what

GOD can accomplish through

US this year.

Whether it’s Outreach,

Christian Education,

or Worship,

your support makes ministry happen at Saint James.

Considering the above, and taking into account all that God has given you, please fill out the form below to let us know your goal for next year...


Communication    Good communication is crucial to the health of our congregation. Communication methods continue to change with new technology.  We have a diverse intergenerational congregation, who face the challenges of a mobile, busy and often over-extended lifestyle. Therefore, we strive to reach people in different ways through our website, Facebook page, newsletter, bulletins, emails and direct mailings.

Christian Education   We educate and nurture the faith of all peoples, including our children, youth, as well as adults. We use teaching methods including the Godly Play, Vacation Bible School, summer camping program, Bible Study, and Tuesday Night Inquirer’s Classes, etc.

Outreach   Saint James is known for our Outreach and caring for others. Outreach is expressed through parishioners’ time, talents and support.  From feeding hundreds of people at Spirit of Hope Soup Kitchen to pounding the pavement at the Crop Walk, we reach well beyond the grounds of St. James.

Pastoral Care   We minister to the sick, suffering and those in need.  From baptisms to confirmations, pre-marital counseling to bereavement counseling, and taking Holy Communion to shut-ins, our care exemplifies our St. James community.

Worship   The most significant part of our ministry is worship.  Many resources are necessary for the ministry of Worship and include:

•Our Rector    •Lay Eucharistic Ministers

•Acolytes        •Lay Readers      •Choir        •Altar Guild

•Bell Choir      •Organ     •Bread & Wine


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